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Welcome To Pergolas Impala Andalucia

Our Crazy Skills

Thatching 99
Carpentry 96
Construction 97

Charles De Wet was born into a small community of thatchers in South Africa

At An early age he learned the art of thatching from his uncle a distinguished master thatcher.

In my town you are either a thatcher or a carpenter.(Lucky for me I’m both!)

An energetic and clearly passionate enthusiast for his craft, Charles De Wet is keen to bang the drum to attract more young people to learn the highly specialist skills which, fortunately, is still in great demand in Spain. Crucially, he is also a stickler for maintaining high standards and wants to ensure that people seeking repairs, or a full-scale thatch, are not tempted to go via the internet for a “cheap”, but ultimately inferior, job

After mastering the trade of thatching in South Africa Charles De Wet came to Spain in1996. After working for a few companies here in Spain decided to go it alone and started Pergolas Impala.

Charles De Wet relishes the client contact “I know I am the best at what I do. The clients I worked with are always more than please with my work and attest to it. The best are those who come out in the morning, make you a cup of coffe and engage with you. They want to know about what you are doing and they understand that living in a thatched property is rather special.”

Best thing about being a thatcher “There is no feeling quite as wonderful as seeing the houses you have thatched. It always gives me a huge sense of pride. And this is a unique job because we are keeping alive traditional skills.”

Worst thing “It’s difficult to take a holiday in the summer months when we are at our busiest.”

Meet Our Team

Charles de Wet
Charles de WetMaster Thatcher
The traditional techniques of Charles de Wet’s trade have changed little over hundreds of years, but it’s far from a dying art
RuebenApprentice Thatcher
Rueben began his in 2013 when he entered into an apprenticeship which was to last five years, working mostly in Cape Reed. His goal is to become a Master Thacher to gain experience of working with as many different techniques as possible.
CharleneOffice Manager
Charlene is the backbone of the company .She supports the company’s operations by maintaining office systems and supervising staff.

1000’s of Happy Clients